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Buy Pinterest Followers, Likes, and Repins for the lowest price on the web!

Receive 999+ Followers, Likes and Repins on your Pinterest account for only $34.99.

What is Pinterest? A new social network that allows users to pin photos on virtual pinboards. Pinterest is already the third most visited social networking site in the United States and one of the worlds fastest growing social networks. Pinterest can enhance your traffic and maximize your exposure online!

Learn the Pinterest Lingo

Pinterest Followers: Pinterest followers are those who have decided to follow you on Pinterest. Followers receive updates of your latest pins! This is perfect, because the more followers you have, the more exposure your pins will get and the more repins and likes you’ll receive. Remember, Pinterest followers are your potential buyers and the larger your audience the more traffic and sales you get!

Pinterest Repins: Repins are the Retweets of Pinterest. A “Repin” is when someone shares an image you’ve pinned by repinning it to their pinterest pinboard. Because every repin is a backlink to your site, the more repins the more chances you’ll have of people actually clicking to the source website AND the more backlinks you’ll have which is great for SEO.

Pinterest Likes: Pinterest users can “Like” pins without repining them to their own boards. Anyone who wants to show their appreciation for your pinned picture can like your Pins. The more likes a Pin receives, the more prominent it appears on the Pinterest main page and the more exposure your pin gets, encouraging others to check out your page!


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